Wheel Of Fortune Slots Machine

Wheel Of Fortune Slots Machine

Do you remember that old show called the Wheel of Fortune? That was some game show. It was so popular back in the day and I remember me and my folks being glued to the TV to watch this show. IT may have been an old show, but the charm of the show was never really lost and that’s why you can find a slot game called the Wheel of Fortune slot at online casinos. You can make a fortune on the online casino Wheel of Fortune slots machine game. It is so much fun to play and it really reminds you of that good old TV game show.

So here is how the Wheel of Fortune slot works. The game has 5 reels and 5 paylines. The symbols that you will find in this game include gold bars, fruits like watermelon, strawberries, an orange, grapes, a cruise ship and lots more interesting symbols. The highest jackpot on this game is 50,000 credits and the second highest jackpot you can win is worth 2,500 credits.

This slots machine game is packed with all kinds of exciting features and you have ample opportunities to win. To start with the game has a wild multiplier symbol which is the Wheel of Fortune Wild Board. This symbol helps complete winning combinations and your wins are doubled if you make a combination using this symbol as the wild.

The Bonus Jackpot symbol helps you accumulate bonuses. There are three of them which are red, orange and yellow and they appear on specific reels. When they appear on the reels you get some very nice prizes which are accumulated in the Bonus Accumulator which appears at the top of the slots machine game.

You can win your accumulated prizes by playing the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Feature In this feature you actually get to spin a Wheel of Fortune. Your objective here is to try to win the accumulated Bonus Jackpot prizes.

You can play the Wheel of Fortune slots machine game at Noble Casino.

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